Movement in a Different Direction: Sober Curious

Until I got sober, it seemed that socializing always revolved around drinking for me. I’d plan to meet friends at the bar on weekends, or I’d go for a boozy brunch on Sundays. Even things like paint night with friends, my kickball league, or simply going to the beach had alcohol programmed into it. And not drinking can be seen as an oddity in a culture obsessed with booze. 

So, it’s no wonder more and more people are curious to see what life is like without alcohol. And being sober curious is a great way to take sobriety out for a test drive with no long term commitment. 

What is the sober curious movement?

The sober curious movement (also known as “going damp” or occasional sobriety) means exploring a sober lifestyle while not committing to complete abstinence. It’s simply an exploration of what sobriety can look like for you.

Going sober curious can also provide insights into your relationship with alcohol. With approximately 14 million adults over the age of 18 suffering from alcohol use disorder, many people are deciding to abstain from alcohol. Also, a lot of Gen Z’s and Millennials are opting to not drink at all. So with sobriety trending, there’s never been a better time to see what an alcohol-free lifestyle might look like for you.

How to try out sober curiosity 

Challenges like Dry January or Sober October can be a good introduction to sobriety, if even just for a month. Other people set out to do 90 days alcohol-free, which is a sobriety milestone in recovery circles. Some will give it up for Lent or stop drinking till a vacation or big event like a wedding or birthday.

There’s no perfect way to try out sobriety, either — it’s different for everyone. Some cut out alcohol for a certain amount of time or strictly only drink on special occasions. For those who are daily drinkers, sober curiosity could even be just drinking on weekends.

Because your relationship with alcohol is personal and specific to you, how you try out sobriety is entirely up to you, as well. There are no rules, you can tailor sobriety to however it works best for you. 

Sober curious benefits

We hear of the many benefits a sober curious lifestyle can provide by cruising social media. Those going alcohol-free claim to be happier, healthier, sleeping better, and have increased energy. One sober curious test driver said that since he put the drink down, he’s now “killing it.” Some people even lose weight.

With decreased anxiety, less brain fog, and no hangovers, people may find they are more productive. Being more productive on the weekends could be a big bonus for people who previously spent much of their time off either drinking or nursing hangovers. 

In my sober experience, I have yet to wake up in the morning and regret not drinking the night before. And waking up without a hangover and feeling rested is a total game changer, particularly if you are accustomed to the opposite. 

What’s next

Being sober curious is a non committal way to try on sobriety to see how it feels and fits into your lifestyle. With more people embracing a sober lifestyle, it’s become quite cool to be sober. So if you are contemplating going sober, you are making a healthy, mindful and trendy choice by giving up alcohol – if even just for a little while.

Are you sober curious? What about sobriety interests you? Let us know in the comments.


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