5 Great Gifts for Sober People This Holiday Season

It’s funny, I once heard someone say how there are literally hundreds of words for the term “drunk” (smashed, sloshed, over-served, sauced, wasted, tipsy, tanked — you get the idea), but only one word for not being drunk — sober.

And that kind of sucks, because the word “sober” doesn’t imply fun and frivolity. Rather, as the dictionary states, its alternative meaning is “having or showing a very serious attitude or quality.”

But that’s just NOT true! Of course, getting sober is painful and certainly no walk in the park, but we are NOT a glum lot — people in recovery are funny, silly, clever, and full of life.

It sounds so incredibly cheesy (and I hate cheesy) but it’s true: the gift of sobriety is the most wonderful gift one could ever receive.

Unfortunately, you can’t give it to someone. As much as you can hope and help and try to point people in the right direction, it’s up to the person to open their eyes, see their situation for what it really is, and make a change. Which is not easy (it took me eight years to even understand I had an issue, and then another seven to get sober and stay stopped). And unfortunately, it’s not a notion you can wrap up neatly and put in a pretty gift box.

But what you can do is celebrate your friends’ and/or families’ sobriety (or attempts to get sober; continuing to try is one of the bravest things a person can do). Give them a gift that simply says: “I’m here for you,” whether it’s on the serious or silly side.

So use one of the following five gifts for sober people to add some color to your recipients’ recovery — and life. Reinforce how effing awesome we all are.

Sober Morse Code Bracelet

Celebrate their sobriety with this sweet, handmade bracelet that features the word “sober” spelled out in Morse code. It’s made with silk cord and your choice of bead metal — sterling silver, rose gold fill, or 14K gold fill. Looking for something with a little more edge? Select the “sober badass” version.

$32 -$42, etsy.com

Gratitude List Mug

We’re all about gratitude lists here at The Wagon (seriously, they can be life-changing — science even says so!). And isn’t gratitude what the holidays are all about? Show someone how grateful you are that they are sober and in your life by gifting them this adorable mug.

$19, etsy.com

Sober Disco Ball Sweatshirt

This cute sweatshirt is perfect for that sober friend who’s always the life of the party. It comes from TheSoberFrootcake, an awesome shop with tons of other fun, sober-themed gifts.

$40, etsy.com

Sobriety Date Anniversary Classic Key Necklace

Not everyone who’s sober celebrates an anniversary. But if you know someone who does, this necklace makes an amazing gift. You can choose from antique gold or silver, and you don’t have to put a date on it. The key can also be customized with any word nine letters or less, such as “strong,” “brave,” “sober,” or “trust.”

$55, thegivingkeys.com

Sober AF Socks

These socks make a great stocking stuffer! 

$23, etsy.com

What are your favorite gifts for sober people? Share them with us in the comments!


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