5 Delicious Non-Alcoholic Drinks That Hit All the Right Notes

Non-alcoholic drinks

When I was drinking, especially towards the end, the quality of the spirits I imbibed was of little meaning to me. Sure, I loved fancy Manhattans and very dirty Ketel One martinis, but at the end of the day, a cheap bottle of any vodka worked just fine. All I really needed was a chilled glass, some ice, and olives. Eventually, I didn’t even need the ice. Or the olives.

And eventually, I didn’t even need the glass.

So when I’d go out to small gatherings, and my craft-beer-loving friends would offer me their favorite brews, or my wine connoisseur hosts would kindly offer a glass of their top-tier red, I graciously accepted. But I honestly didn’t give a shit about the robust, hoppy flavors or woody notes. I just wanted to get drunk.

These people, with their precious, fine ingredient-filled cocktails, annoyed me. “Stop fooling yourselves,” I used to think. “Taste is irrelevant. You know in the end, all that matters is getting smashed.”

But I’m realizing now, after three years back on the wagon, that maybe they really DID care about the hoppy flavors and the woody notes. Because unlike me, they weren’t consuming their drinks with the desire to escape from some awful feeling inside themselves. They were simply enjoying a tasty beverage.

So now, in sobriety, I’m learning to do the same. To pay attention to taste and appreciate really good non-alcoholic drinks —something I never did when I was drinking. With the exception of coffee (and maybe milkshakes), the only beverages I ever savored back then had booze in them.

So here are five non-alcoholic drinks that I am currently loving.

GuS (Grown-up Soda)

If you hate syrupy sweet sodas, try one of these craft colas. Made in small batches with real juices, natural extracts, and a tiny amount of cane sugar, they have a crisp, dry, and sophisticated taste. They’re caffeine-free and come in a variety of flavors, including my favorite, Pomegranate. The flavors range slightly in calorie count, but none top 100.

Reed’s Craft Ginger Beer

This is ginger ale for true ginger lovers. Reed’s Real Ginger Brew offers three levels of spice — Original (17 grams of ginger root), Extra (26 grams of ginger), and Strongest (37 grams of ginger). Each batch is hand-crafted and flavored with all-natural ingredients, including fresh herbs, roots, spices, and fruits. There’s also a zero-calorie formula and a Premium brew that’s sweetened with pineapple and honey instead of cane sugar. Each (non-zero calorie) bottle contains 140 calories.

Ginger ale non-alcoholic drink

Trader Joe’s Organic Sparkling Lemon + Strawberry Apple Cider Vinegar Beverage

I’ve never tasted a flavored fizzy water quite like this one. And it’s from Trader Joe’s which means it’s affordable! This beverage features a delightful blend of zesty organic lemon juice, fruity organic strawberry juice, and organic apple cider vinegar. The result is a uniquely cool and crisp drink that combines the sweet, easy-drinking qualities of strawberry lemonade with the juicy and tangy notes from apple cider vinegar. Each can contains 35 calories.

Töst Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Beverage

Perfect for celebrating special occasions, Töst makes a great alternative to Martinelli’s or any other overly sweet sparkling cider. And unlike most non-alcoholic champagnes and wines, these are 100% alcohol-free. They’re made with a blend of white tea, white cranberry, ginger, and citrus for a delicious, dry, champagne-like taste. There’s also a Rosé that’s flavored with added elderberry. At 40-45 calories a glass, they’re guilt-free.

LaCroix Sparkling Water Limoncello

Who doesn’t love LaCroix? I’m obsessed with almost all of their flavors, but Limoncello is my favorite when it comes to taste. It has a distinct lemon flavor that’s super smooth and tastes a bit like a cupcake, so it’s perfect for when I’m craving something sweet. And like all LaCroix drinks, it has no calories, no sodium, no sugars, and no artificial ingredients. 

What are your favorite non-alcoholic drinks? Share them with us in the comments!


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