Bam Margera Has Over 100 Days Sober — And I’m Happy For Him

Bam Margera 100 Days Sober

Jackass was a huge TV show in the early 2000’s — HUGE. Everyone watched it and I enjoyed it too. Bam Margera was my favorite. He was the best-looking of the bunch with a handsome face, edgy style, and a nice smile. When people would talk about who they liked best on the show, I always cheered for Bam.

And now decades later, as a sober alcoholic in recovery, I find myself rooting for Bam once again.

Bam’s intoxicated escapades and subsequent legal troubles have been well-documented over the years. His seeming inability to get sober has also been widely ridiculed. How could this man, who had everything going for him and who also has a kid, not get his shit together? And he let his good looks go, as well? Just stop drinking and doing drugs, Bam! 

There also appears to be a collective element of schadenfreude when Bam has yet another meltdown on social media, catches more charges, or just continues to display he’s having a hard time. 

As a result, random people on the internet following Bam’s trials and tribulations are eager to offer up their opinions on why Bam can’t get sober — and it seems to always have something to do with the death of his close friend and Jackass Co-Star, Ryan Dunn.

However, substance use disorders don’t really work that way. A lifelong drug and/or alcohol problem is seldom ever the result of one life event. It can be a catalyst, but one could argue that Bam’s substance use issues started long before the death of his best friend. 

There’s really no explanation for Bam’s behavior other than that is what substance use disorder sometimes looks like. But the reality is that many people who suffer from use disorders behave the same way, it’s just that Bam’s indiscretions happen to unfold in front of a very large audience because of his celebrity. 

Lastly, you can’t force someone to get sober. I’m always happy to see Bam’s fellow Jackass stars, Steve-O and Brandon Novak, try. But they know how this disease works as well and that Bam had to come to sobriety on his own.

Please note, I am not condoning or justifying his past, his troublesome actions, or his poor judgment. But, I have hope for him, the same way I had hope for Artie Lange, Ben Affleck, Lindsay Lohan, and other celebrities who really struggled to get sober. Not everyone puts the drink or drugs down on the first shot and skips off into the recovery sunset. For some, it’s a real battle to get there.

So, I’m incredibly happy that Bam is now over 100 days sober. That’s wildly successful, and cause for celebration and applause. Getting sober is hard, and Bam is being courageous and brave. I’m genuinely happy for him and I hope his audience can be as well. He deserves grace, encouragement, and patience while he navigates this thing because early recovery is a tough and vulnerable time.

Jackass was so successful because everything about it was outrageous. And being sober with a use disorder in a world obsessed with booze is just about the most outrageous thing one can do. So, Bam is continuing to trend on brand, and push the envelope every day he remains sober. And again, we are rooting for him.


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