The Impossible Question: When Will I Feel Better?

When will I feel better?

When people first get sober, they often ask, “when will I feel better?” This is a very logical question because when people don’t feel good, they obviously want to feel better. And almost always, early recovery doesn’t feel good and people want to feel better right away. Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward answer to this frequently […]

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Breaking Through Boredom in Early Recovery

Recovery Boredom

Early sobriety is tough for so many reasons. Not only did I have to adjust to a new life without alcohol, I also had to heal from two decades of heavy drinking. However, after my withdrawal from alcohol subsided, I was faced with an unexpected contingency I was not prepared for: boredom. Amongst other symptoms […]

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Navigating Early Sobriety on a Pink Cloud

Pink Cloud

If you’ve been fortunate enough to catch a pink cloud, ride it as long as you can. It’s a phenomenon that happens to some people in early recovery that makes them feel exhilarated, euphoric, and full of optimism about their sobriety.  There’s no real scientific study on the pink cloud, so we don’t know why […]

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