Groundhog Day: The Active Addiction Loop

Groundhogs Day

For many of us who suffer from substance use disorder, everyday can start to feel the same when in active addiction. Like the movie Groundhog Day, where Phil Connors (Bill Murray) relives the same day over and over again, each day started to feel identical when I was drinking.  While the circumstances of each day […]

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The Functioning Alcoholic Paradox

Functioning Alcoholic

At the end of my drinking, there was no longer anything fun about being a functioning alcoholic. I had crossed over the threshold of functioning into complete alcoholic dysfunction quite quickly. Yet, I continued to fool myself into thinking I was  “functioning” because I could pay my mortgage on time, look put together (at least some of the time), and hold down a job.

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Cocaine: Dancing with the Devil at Dawn


When it comes to my struggles with addiction, alcohol was king. From the second I caught my first buzz, alcohol became my master and I was its sloppy, drunken servant. Since I preferred to drink, drugs were never really my thing and I seldom ever sought them out for recreational use.  However, if the opportunity […]

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