Navigating Early Sobriety on a Pink Cloud

Pink Cloud

If you’ve been fortunate enough to catch a pink cloud, ride it as long as you can. It’s a phenomenon that happens to some people in early recovery that makes them feel exhilarated, euphoric, and full of optimism about their sobriety.  There’s no real scientific study on the pink cloud, so we don’t know why […]

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Laura’s Story

I genuinely believe I was born an alcoholic. I come from a large Irish Catholic family that has a history of alcoholism and I displayed classic alcoholic indicators from an early age. I was an extremely nervous kid and always felt like I didn’t quite belong.

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Susan’s Story

I’m happy to say that as of the launch of this website (December 2023), I haven’t had a drink for three years and three months. That’s more than 1,175 days, which is astonishing to me when I think back to the times when going just a few hours without a shot of vodka felt impossible. […]

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